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Arizona Dangerous Drugs Attorney

Arizona Dangerous Drugs Attorney

Arizona Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Typical Dangerous Drug Cases Involve:

  • Being prescribed the wrong medication
  • Being prescribed lethal doses of a medication
  • Being prescribed multiple medications which are known to cause organ damage or death if combined together

You trust your doctor, nurse practitioner, pharmacist, or nurse to give you the correct medication with the correct dosage every time. Unfortunately, there are a wide variety of circumstances that happen all the time where that may not be the case.

Healthcare providers rely heavily on software to let them know if one drug prescribed with another drug could possibly cause an allergic reaction or worse. In some cases, nurses and/or the pharmacy misinterpret the doctor’s handwriting on a prescription. There are also times when a hospital is about to do shift change and the nurses are hurrying to complete their last tasks including the dispensing of medicine. All these instances can create errors which could potentially harm or even kill you.

Arizona dangerous drugs cases can occur in a wide variety of ways. Sometimes clients begin to suffer severe side-effects of the wrong medication, believe they are becoming ill, and seek advice from another health care provider who discovers the issue isn’t a disease but the medication they are on!

Dangerous medicine cases can be tricky because you have to prove gross negligence from the party that made the mistake. The defense will argue that you are simply allergic to the medicine prescribed instead of the victim of a dangerous drug.

Contact the Law Offices of Joseph Montedonico to discover if you have a good case to recover damages for the medicine that ended up harming you. The consultation is free and we want to help.

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